Sea Turtle Tag Inventory

The Archie Carr Center for Sea Turtle Research (ACCSTR) is maintaining the Sea Turtle Tag Inventory.  We hope that this inventory will serve two purposes:  to avoid further duplication of tag numbers when tags are purchased by different research programs, and to assist in reporting recapture data for turtles when only the tag number has been recorded.

The inventory includes tag series, manufacturer and style of tag (for example, National Band and Tag #681 Inconel), ocean basin in which the tags were used, and the organization to contact.  No tagging data are included in this inventory.  We have posted all tag series issued by the ACCSTR since Archie Carr first started distributing tags in the 1950’s and all tag series issued by the Cooperative Marine Turtle Tagging Program (CMTTP) originally issued by NMFS and now by the ACCSTR.  The inventory also includes tag series that researchers have submitted to us for inclusion in the database.  In addition, we have listed other tag series that we know have been used but for which we have incomplete data (highlighted in yellow).

We invite our colleagues to send us their lists of tag series that have not come from either the ACCSTR or the CMTTP so that we can add those tag series to the inventory.  We also request researchers to send us any additions and corrections to this inventory.  The more tag series included, the greater the potential to meet the objectives of the inventory and tagging projects around the world.  At this time, the inventory is limited to external tags, and does not include PIT tags.

Tag Inventory

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