mtDNA Sequences

The Archie Carr Center for Sea Turtle Research at the University of Florida has developed a website to facilitate marine turtle population genetic studies. As the number of laboratories conducting marine turtle genetics research increases and the chances for duplicating sequence designations increases, the coordination for identifying, naming, and cataloging sequence patterns becomes more critical.

The ACCSTR collaborates with Brian Shamblin (University of Georgia; to maintain this website.

Marine Turtle DNA Sequences

In an effort to facilitate this coordination and to avoid the confusion of duplication of sequence designations in publications, we have established this website for listing DNA sequence patterns. Please note that this is not a substitute for submitting sequences to GenBank or EMBL but rather as a focal point for sea turtle researchers. Also, posting DNA sequences on this website will not compromise your ability to publish your genetic findings in the peer-reviewed literature. The website only presents the haplotype sequence and the ocean basin, not whether the sequence is from a rookery or foraging ground and not its frequency.

Request for Participation

We urge all researchers in this field to participate in this project. Please submit your sequences (and citations as appropriate) to us, and we will include them in the appropriate tables.

mtDNA Sequences

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