About the ACCSTR

Juvenile green turtle. Photo: Olga Stokes

Juvenile green turtle. Photo: Olga Stokes

Sea turtles face ever-increasing threats from a staggering array of sources as human populations grow, coastal habitats are developed, and marine habitats are degraded.

Only through research can we hope to obtain the information necessary to counteract these threats and ensure the survival of these magnificent creatures.

The Archie Carr Center for Sea Turtle Research (ACCSTR) at the University of Florida was established in 1986 as a Center of Excellence by the University Board of Regents of the State of Florida in recognition of the outstanding achievements and pioneering research of the late Archie Carr. Its mission is to conduct research in all aspects of the biology of sea turtles, to educate students, and to further marine conservation through the communication of these research results to the scientific community, management agencies, and conservation organizations throughout the world.

Research Program

Galapagos green turtle returning to sea. Photo: Patty Zarate

Galapagos green turtle returning to sea. Photo: Patty Zarate

ACCSTR affiliates undertake research at all scales from the molecular to the ecosystem level, from studies of population structure based on mitochondrial DNA to the effects of ocean circulation patterns on the movements and distribution of sea turtle populations. With a large research university as a base, we take an interdisciplinary approach to address complex problems of sea turtle biology and conservation.  ACCSTR research faculty are drawn from a wide range of specialties within the University of Florida community including biology, human and veterinary medicine, biotechnology, and environmental engineering.

Graduate Education

The ACCSTR has a very active graduate student program with students from a number of departments at the University of Florida. The involvement of graduate students in our research ensures that, while answering critical questions in sea turtle biology, we are also educating future sea turtle biologists and conservationists.


ACCSTR faculty research affiliates play a vital role in sea turtle conservation. Many of us serve on national and international committees and are involved in global networks that allow us to integrate our research findings with management and conservation policies.