Development Board

A Development Board has been established to help the ACCSTR plan and implement a fundraising strategy to support the goals of the ACCSTR

Connett and CrouchleyStephen M.H. Connett &
Barbara Van Sciver Crouchley

Newport RI / Bahamas

Stephen began his turtle research under Archie Carr in 1982 and has since tagged turtles in the Bahamas, Bermuda, the mid-Atlantic, and the Azores. In 2006 we founded the Family Island Research and Education Program in the Bahamas to tag turtles and engage Bahamian students in sea turtle research and conservation. We are true believers in the extraordinary accomplishments of the ACCSTR and the importance of its future as an international center for research, education, and conservation.

Robert H. Dellecker

Robert H. Dellecker

Orlando, FL
Attorney at Law

The ACCSTR has played a significant role in protecting the health of our oceans and ecosystems.  Florida is one of the most important nesting areas in the United States and it is an honor to be part of a team devoted to securing the future for generations to come.

Brenda DuvalBrenda DuVal

Gainesville, FL
Vice President, Research and Development, John Paul Mitchell Systems
Local business owner, Beach Break Salon.

It is an honor and a pleasure to work alongside of the ACCSTR board members, an incredibly diverse group of professionals dedicated to preserving our precious marine ecosystems. Without research there can be no conservation. Together we can ensure that the good work done through the ACCSTR will continue for years to come.

Frank LundFrank Lund

Hobe Sound, FL

Having spent 25 years involved in sea turtle research and conservation, and a subsequent professional career encompassing a wide array of natural resource management efforts, I am convinced that the ACCSTR remains vital to continued efforts to address the challenges facing the world’s sea turtle populations. The ACCSTR has grown to become the world’s most important center for marine turtle research and management efforts, as well as important to furthering our understanding of marine ecosystems. I strongly encourage efforts to insure that it can continue its mission far into the future.

Jeff ParksJeff Parks, MD

Ormond Beach, FL
Parks Dermatology Center

Growing up on the east coast of Florida in Volusia County, I have always had a love and fascination with our beaches and the ocean. I became enthralled with the underwater world after learning to SCUBA dive at the young age of 15 and traveling to amazing dive spots throughout Florida and the Caribbean. My passion has been rekindled by my two daughters, who are strong advocates for our environment and Environmental Studies. Becoming involved with ACCSTR has allowed me to deepen my understanding of our environment as we continue to add to our knowledge of the sea turtle and the profound relationship it has with the fragile marine ecosystem. I am committed to helping ACCSTR maintain its preeminent position in the world and to further strengthen its mission.

Anne SavageAnne Savage, PhD

Orlando, FL
Conservation Director, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts

ACCSTR has been instrumental in establishing relationships with individuals and organizations that have had a significant impact in helping to protect sea turtles worldwide. Disney has helped to support the ACCSTR outstanding sea turtle research and conservation program, and we have collaborated on several sea turtle initiatives that continue to have long-lasting benefits for the survival of sea turtles worldwide.

David TrescotDavid Trescot

Menlo Park, CA

I’ve always been fascinated by the ocean, and spend any free time I have diving and filming underwater. The team at ACCSTR does an amazing job leading the effort to understand and ultimately save this extraordinary sea creature. It is an honor to help in any way I can.

Mark TrowbridgeMark Trowbridge

Coral Gables, FL
President & CEO, Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce

I graduated from the University of Florida in 1990 with a BS in Zoology and a MEd. in Higher Education. Since that time, I have had a 20-year career serving various non-profits in a variety of roles – from universities to government to my current post as the CEO of the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce. While serving as President of the national Alumni Association Board of Directors at UF, I became a big fan of Karen Bjorndal and her outstanding work as the Director of ACCSTR while she served as the Distinguished Alumni Professor on the UFAA Board. I am delighted to work with her once again on this worthy endeavor.

Leslie WeinsteinLeslie Weinstein

Boise, ID
Founder, True-Lock LLC

Born and raised in the St Augustine area, I spent most of my youth along the beaches near my home. Even as a child, the sea turtles that laid their eggs on our property fascinated me. I found myself ever protective of them as I often rescued many eggs from other beaches where turtle nests were being robbed for profit or vandalized by beach-goers for sport. Little did I realize that nearly 30 years later, those very same sea turtles would return to these same beach dunes where I hid their eggs as a kid. Our passion for the preservation of sea turtles and for research and education to further sea turtle conservation is what encouraged my wife Linda and me to donate our beach-front property to the UF ACCSTR to support the continued existence of sea turtles.