Alexandra Gulick’s grazing manuscript published in Ecology

Published: September 9th, 2020

Category: What's New

Title: Recovery of a large herbivore changes regulation of seagrass productivity in a naturally grazed Caribbean ecosystem

Authors: Gulick, Alexandra G; Johnson, Robert A; Pollock, Clayton G; Hillis-Starr, Zandy; Bolten, Alan B; Bjorndal, Karen A.

Our results show that green turtle grazing stimulates seagrass productivity, and that grazing intensity has a relevant role in regulating the productivity of Caribbean seagrass meadows. We highlight the need for a historical perspective and the use of appropriate indicators when evaluating seagrass response to grazing, as green turtle populations continue to recover and seagrass meadows are returned to a natural grazed state.

Corresponding author: Alexandra Gulick,


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